Hirunaka no Ryuusei ch66 translation



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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Chapter 66 (RAW)



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Mamura Daiki and Suzume Yosano.
Requested by anonymous.
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Day 5 of Mazume week: Change

I love them holding hands so much you don’t understand ugh. One day it will totally be second nature.

Charcoal day.

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I did this fanart for the Mazume Week Day 2: Touch.

I’m a huge fan of Yamamori Mika’s work and I’m so in love with ‘Hirunaka no Ryuusei’. I hope the fans likes my fanart too! All my support for Yamamori-sensei!

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mazume week // 100-word drabbles

(after yesterday’s mamura-perspective, wanted to write this one through suzume’s eyes. not explicitly revolving around ‘change’; just somewhat related musings.)

day five: change

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Day 4: music

Sorry for being late on this! Here’s a quick sketch of Mamura and Suzume listening to music while on the train.

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fic: lucky


pairing: mamura & suzume

a/n: for mazume week, day 4: music. 

words: 259


The sky today is spring-kissed and blue like a robin’s egg. It’s whimsical and hopeful. Infectious.  

“Hey, Mamura,” she says, swinging their hands between them as they walk down the path. Their pinkies are hooked, a compromise formed through her star-searching eyes and his rouge-colored cheeks.

“Yeah?” he answers, voice blush coated.

“I’ve never asked you,” she begins, spring effervescence rushing through her veins. “What kind of music do you listen to?”

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Sweet Surrender


Title: Sweet Surrender

Prompt: Day 4 // Music

Fandom: Hirunaka no Ryuusei

Character/Pairing: Mazume, hints of Shizume

A/N: I need to work on yesterday’s prompt. Anyways, this takes place after Mamura’s birthday, with Suzume still feeling a little down about the breakup. I’m going with “music is the universal language” and “music is healing” as themes here.

Also, the ‘<>’ means ‘English words here’

Summary: This, this is rare. She had thought those headphones were glued to his head, but here they were, temptingly sitting in front of her.

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Mazume Week Day 4: Music

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